An Interview with Hayden Williams

(Interview) December 13, 2012

Meet Hayden Williams; Fashion Designer and Illustrator.

Hayden Williams


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“ Identify your talents and work on them.
You may not be good enough at this exact moment
but remember a talent needs to be perfected,
practiced and developed if it is to reach its
true potential !”

Talent Registered got the exciting opportunity to speak to a rising star in fashion, fashion designer / illustrator Hayden Williams…



One of the worst things you can do is neglect your God given talent, the world craves new knowledge, new skills, new ways of thinking and creating.

We have watched Hayden and his amazing sketches blossom from a seed to a flower, it takes something special to create a successful alternative clothing range. This is exactly what Hayden Williams, in collaboration with Sketch Street has done. 

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TR: Congratulations on your first collection, which is out now on SketchStreet, the pieces that you designed are very sophisticated and high end, and pleasing to the eye.

HW: Thank you very much! The goal was to create something that looked high end and stayed true to my design aesthetic, but was more affordable for the fanbase that I have built up with my illustrations. Sketch Street were great to collaborate with and wanted to make sure the produced garments stayed as true to my sketches as possible.

TR: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from ? What’s your educational background ? 

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HW: I’m from London! I started drawing at the age of 3 and it hasn’t really stopped since. I would sit and obsessively draw female Disney characters after watching the movies until they were as close as possible to being perfect! Those years of drawing the female form, (however unrealistic) basically led into me then going on to study fashion design at Barking college and then Ravensbourne University.

Before I studied, I realizerealized what I was doing as a child could translate into fashion illustration and design. As the years went on, my sketches naturally progressed and became a lot more polished and mature. I’m proud to say that i am self taught in regards to my illustration work.


hollywood divas

Hollywood Icons:
Rita Hayworth, Dorothy Dandridge, Sophia Loren & Veronica Lake by Hayden Williams

TR: When did you first realize that you wanted to become a fashion designer?

HW: I think it has always been there subconsciously, but it really hit me in my teens! As you get older and mature, you start to find your style and it was around the age of 14-15 that I started to take my work in a new direction and focus on fashion as opposed to just drawing a female character. I think everyone around me knew I would end up working in fashion, from school teachers, family etc. After secondary school finished in 2007, I took a gap year and really focused on refining my illustrations and design sketches.

In that time, I came up with my own logo and a vast portfolio of designs. I was already starting to think like a designer and businessman! Once I felt confident enough to really pursue it, I then looked into studying design.

TR: What does fashion mean to you?

HW: To me, it means having confidence! Without confidence in your clothes, the clothes end up wearing you!

TR: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

HW: I think it was a skirt from a college project. It wasn’t the best but learning how to construct garments was such an eye opener. All I knew was how to draw in the early stages, but I have learned so much about fabrics, cut, fit and quality since my studying days. Especially after working on my collection with Sketch Street.

TR: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

HW: As a womenswear designer, making women feel special! When a woman purchases from Hayden Williams, I want her to feel confident that she purchased an investment piece that can be worn year after year without having to worry whether she is on trend. For me, it’s about creating something classic and timeless but still modern enough for the woman of today.

TR: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

HR: I would say firstly, to make sure that fashion is 150% what you want to do. It’s a lot of hard work and probably harder than people expect. Young aspiring designers can become phased by seeing countless celebrities releasing clothing lines and think it is as simple as that, but in reality, there is so much more to it. Do it because it is something you feel that you were born to do! I would also say to be persistent and consistent with what you do and that applies to both studying and outside of studying. Lastly, use social media to your advantage by promoting your work online. Start a blog, take photos of things that inspire you, share your designs and sketches. Things like that! You may just start to build a following….

TR: How would you define your personal style?

HW: My personal style is quite simplistic! I think it compliments my design aesthetic well. I like clean lines, well-tailored pieces. Overall I would say my style is polished, ‘smart’ and kind of ‘preppy’ at times.

TR: What are some of your fashion goals?

HW: I have many goals and aspirations as a designer and illustrator. I, of course, want to have my own high-end fashion label and present my work via presentations and runway shows in the future. I would also love to release a book with some of my best illustration work in. One of my most recent goals that I had in mind was to illustrate a VOGUE cover. I feel like that would be something fresh and interesting!

TR: Where do you get your inspiration? 

HW: It can vary at times but i often get inspiration from vintage Vogue editorials from the 50′s and 60′s. I like to reference those eras in my work as i feel they were some of the most stylish and timeless looking, especially in women’s wear!

TR: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

HW: They can head to my Facebook page and my Tumblr or they can use good old Google to find some articles written about me. I also use Pinterest, Instagram and many other social networking platforms to share what I do.

TR: Where can readers buy your clothes?

HW: Readers can now shop my debut fashion collection in collaboration with Sketch Street on and ASOS marketplace.

TR: Thank you so much for joining us, Hayden, and once again congratulation on your debut collection.


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