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3d printed fashion

3d Revolution: We Have The Technology, And We Also Have The Talent To Use It…

For one who doesn’t feel that creativity is something confined to 4 walls within an office block, when I first heard or read about fashion designer Danit Peleg producing the most, if not all her work from home I was highly impressed.

You see Danit, demonstrated just how much can be achieved by a single individual and the right technology. And in spite what experts will say; multitasking did not hinder her in any way.

Danit Peleg

With several 3D Printing machines running at the same time from her shared student home at the time. Danit Peleg was able to produce a complete collection of ready to wear pieces in time for her art school projects back in the days. (read more about Danit’s work)

3d printed fashion

With his conventional beginnings as a sculptor, Joshua Harker has gone on to model himself as a pioneer in 3D printed art & sculptures.

Joshua is well noted as a pioneer for ‘stretching’ design & manufacturing possibilities especially with his series of  “unmakeable” technically complex tangles.


Heidi Lee

Heidi is your favorite ‘hat’ person. She currently designs fashion headwear from a conceptual art perspective using 3D printing technology.  As a New York based fashion designer Heidi is most noted for her “Endless Echo Hat” shown below. (Read more)

Eric van Straaten.

Back in the days, Eric produced one of the first 3D Printed busts, yeah I know there are loads, that had me personally saying “Wow this is awesome” (I emphasize the word awesome, lol). Anyway, his 3D sculptures include full-color models or figurines which are sold by galleries in the Netherlands, US, Belguim…

Traditionally, Eric sculpted by hand until 2010 when he first started exploring the world of 3D design and 3D printing. He has gone on to produce some amazing pieces in spite the challenges of fragility, delamination of layers, and other technical issues as the technology develops.


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